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Best Brunch in ATL: Babalu Tapas and Tacos

The last few months have been a bit hectic so my boyfriend and I took the opportunity to have brunch at Babalu Tapas and Tacos in Midtown two weekends ago. Babalu has only been around for under a year, but it is in an area that we are both very familiar with.

The Food

What I ate: We ordered guacamole as our starter. Our waiter, Alejandro, made it next to our table. He asked if we wanted it chunky or smooth. I’d never been asked that before, so we opted for chunky. Chunky was perfect.

Tableside guac.
Fresh, chunky guacamole.

We also ordered a side to try, too. We asked for “greens” but Alejandro must have heard “grits” and we didn’t want to put him through the work of bringing us the collards. These grits had the most unique taste I’ve ever tasted. I felt as if you like warm, hearty stews, you’d love these grits. And honestly, if Babalu made a red meat dish that needed something to stick to your stomach, they’d offer this along with it. Honestly, it isn’t something I’d order alone again, but I’m not opposed to it in an entree.

Cheese grits unlike any cheese grits you’ve ever had before.

After that, I ordered Filet on a Stick and Baba-Tine (their take on poutine).

The Filet on a Stick wasn’t what I expected, presentation wise. I pictured a plate full of chopped potatoes, two little pieces of broccolini and the steak (sans stick) on top. This was a great, smaller portioned-take on steak and potatoes.

The Baba-Tine came from their Brunch menu. Woo, baby. The short rib and the egg over the fries just make for such a good brunch dish. If you had a hangover, this would help.

Delicious Baba-Tine.

Ed ordered tacos: shrimp, pork belly, and short rib. He said the shrimp taco was his favorite. I think the short rib was mine. However, they were all so good that they left me craving tacos for the following week.

So many tacos to choose from.

We also ordered the Cinnamon Bread Pudding for dessert. Bread pudding is my favorite dessert, so I am always interested to see how a restaurant makes it. I liked that it was basically half the size of a big slice of bread pudding, but then cut up into three cute pieces. But seriously, this is a good bread pudding. The cinnamon isn’t overpowering and the recipe hasn’t been altered too much from your average bread pudding. It packs a slight kick though. I tasted the rum used (and I was not mad about it). Great taste, overall.

Cinnamon Bread Pudding

What I’d order the next time: The next time I go to Babalu, I will probably order the Pan Seared Crab Cakes or another Baba-Tine. I swear I love that dish.

What all can you order? Babalu offers a brunch menu and regular menu, both of which you can order from during brunch hours. The brunch menu has tapas-sized dishes such as Avocado Toast, Chicken & Waffles, and Crab Cake Benedict. The regular menu offers an assortment of tapas, tacos, and tortas.

Overall food price range: Tacos start at $3.25 a pop. Everything on the brunch menu is $10. The tapas start at $9.25 and the tortas starts at $8.25.

The Drinks

“Get yo shine on.” – Bryan Christopher Williams

What I drank: I ordered a Shine-A-Rita and a Rose Sangria. Ed ordered a Babarita and the Jalisco Mule. All of the drinks were magical. The Shine-A-Rita is based with moonshine, so it’s not your mama’s margarita. Maybe your country auntie’s, though. The Rose Sangria was exactly what you think it would be. It looks like a Shirley Temple but is not by all means.

Ed liked both drinks as he’s a tequila guy, but I think he enjoyed the mule better because it was like a smoky take on a mule drink.

Rose Sangria for the quintessential millennial girl.
The Jalisco Mule

What I’d drink next time: I’d get another Shine-A-Rita or three and then Uber back to Ed’s.

What are other drinks you can order? Bottomless mimosas are $15. You can also make Bloody Marys at your table for $15, too. You can order from the Margaritas and Cocktails menus, respectively. And of course, there is a full bar.

Overall drink price range: Drinks start at $9 and go up a few dollars, but not by much.

The Restaurant

Describe the vibe: Babalu is very open, so big parties could easily find comfort here. The lighting is amazing due to the windows of the garage doors. Around 1:30 pm on a Saturday, the restaurant is busy but not swamped. Friends should be able to get in and out in a reasonable time frame. It seems like a quintessential brunch locale.

Does the restaurant have any outdoor seating? Yes. You can sit at one of the patio tables or enjoy the open garage door bar seating.

Area: Babalu is located in Midtown Atlanta off Peachtree Place near the MARTA station.

Brunch time: Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

So, how was brunch at Babalu Tapas and Tacos?

I loved it. I wanted to come back the next week. If I lived in Midtown (or really anywhere near ITP), I’d make this a place I frequent. The

Babalu Tapas and Tacos

33 Peachtree Pl NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 • 678) 446-6413

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Disclosure: Our meals were compensated in exchange for writing this blog post. All opinions and commentary are mine alone.